Stargate Producer Confirms Beckett Departure

Fans who attended this weekend’s Collectormania in Manchester, England are reporting that Stargate producer N. John Smith confirmed that Carson Beckett will disappear in the second half of Atlantis Season 3, although Beckett will not die outright. Paul McGillion will not be a regular in the series in Season 4, although, according to Smith, he will return for future episodes.

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Another Interview with DH addresses rumour

Yet again David Hewlett has been asked the question about his co-stars rumoured departure, this time by Eclipse Magazine  (click the link to read the full interview). He once again neither confirms nor denies the rumour:

Talking of people not coming back, what can he say about the rumours flooding the internet that Carson Beckett is killed during the second half of Season 3? There’s silence at the other end of the phone line before he neither confirms nor denies.

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