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We’re very interested in gauging fans’ feelings about the rumors surrounding the future of Carson Beckett. Please take a moment to register your thoughts on the rumors, the ‘what-if’ scenarios, and the history of Stargate character demise. All you need is a valid email address — no registration required. Results will only be posted at the summary level — your answers and email address will not be given to anyone except the site owners.

Please visit: The Survey Form to take the survey, even if you don’t think Carson needs saving. 🙂

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Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

30 thoughts on “Take Our Survey!”

  1. I will lose my desire to watch atlantis if Paul McGillion leaves the show. I can not live with out my scottish fix.

  2. I don’t understand why they would destroy a dynamic that is so good. The characters seamlessly work well together and I can’t see them getting rid of the Team Doctor. He belongs with the team!

  3. They can’t kill Carson it wouldn’t make any sense, he’s the head medical doctor, and is really great for the show. so it would be completly stupid of stargate creator to kill Carson that would destroy the balance of the show. Remeber what happened to Stargate sg-1 when they killed daniel, the show just lost it’s balance, the same will happen to stargate atlantis if they kill Carson. I have great hope they won’t kill Carson!

  4. Don’t bite my head off here, but I’m just wondering what the point of having this survey on this site is. Of course everyone here cares about Beckett so the responses will be mostly the same. Seems a little biased to me unless there are other sites with this survey too. I love carson, but I’m sure there are people who don’t really care one way or another who won’t come to this site.

  5. Karley, the survey has been announced on big SG1 and Atlantis forums and lists, inviting fans and non-fans of Carson to follow the link to fill it out. Responses so far show not everyone is a big fan of Carson. Most are, but not all! I’m not sure what more we can do than put the word out all over fandom.

  6. Ahh, thank you. This is the only place I’ve seen it so I was a little curious.

  7. Where did rumor start? It seems is tought that TPTB are getting rid of Carson but, someone knows for sure that isn’t PG whom want to go, like MS did?
    If TPTB are the one responsible doesn’t make much sense, Becket is a great character that’s wouldn’t be so easy to replace, just remember Janet on SG1, or Selmak.

  8. I really hope that its not true. I am crazy about Atlantis and its going to be stupid if they kill him!!!!

    They are Nuts if they KILL Carson Beckett,
    First Janet and now Carson, what is their problem with doctors
    I am not happy with this, not happy at all

  10. they wanna kill Carson??? WTF!!!! where have I been!!!!! Jees I hate all these rumors….like the six month haitus one….that came true…..the cancellation of SG-1….that came true….but if this rumor comes true I’ll die!!!! SAVE CARSON!!!!! and his sexy accent *growl*

  11. They can’t kill Carson!!! he’s too SEKSI!!!! I love him!!!! Not CARSON!!!!! If he does die I’ll have to take down my carson Shrine!!!! dangit I paid so much for those candels!!!!! Carson my love why must you die!!!!!! well I’m going to hang myaself now……..CARSON!!!!!

  12. Kill Carson? WHY? Just to stuff more ANGST down our throats? Do they believe they will get MORE ratings from that episode? I went through this crap when TPTB did the same thing to Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse on WAR OF THE WORLDS! THAT was horrible enough to view!

    I am NOT happy with this and the show, which I really loved will lose every good feeling I had for it if this happens!

  13. First they killed Stargate SG-1 and now they want to kill Carson. They cant do this. He belongs to atlantis as Weir does or Shepphard. He is so funny and cool. I think the series will loose a lot of attraktion when they write him out.

  14. I absolutley LOVE Carson on SGA, it is the high light of my week. I can NOT believe you would want to take the person who made the gene possible out of the show. Also Paul brings such charm and wit and such compassion to the show !!! PLEASE bring him back!!!

  15. BIG MISTAKE Carson character had soul , soul that was needed for ….balance. If your going to replace Pete Best, you’d better have a Ringo in the shadows. In this case though… your really screwed. Pauls “Carson”, was loved to much. Just goes to show how powerless we the fans truely are.

  16. To Jim who posted on January 15th, comment #15: Brilliant comparison with the Pete Best/Ringo Starr waiting in the wings.

    Fans aren’t completely powerless, only mostly. I do have one power: I won’t buy their product any longer, nor watch it. In that area, TPTB have no power at all.

    It would seem they didn’t care who cared about Carson because the ratings are low and they’ve nothing to lose at this point.
    I do wonder if SGA will make it through its 4th season.

  17. I love SGA but I’m afraid its going downhill fast,especially now theyve got rid of Carson-he was the one that kept the rest of the team together. Whos gonna be next I wanna know?!!!!!!

  18. Guys, we have so much power even if it doesn’t seem like it right now. Seriously. A show is nothing without its fans.

    Wait until the Southern Hemisphere finds out. Hopefully we’ll have rally’s all over the place. Paul and Carson are well worth it. Bringing me on to my next point –

    Half the world doesn’t even KNOW yet. Where I’m from, in Australia, we’re up to Season 2. Thats it. No number three for us yet. Considering the circumstances, I don’t think I even want it.

    It’s too painful already, which is why we’ve got to change it. If SG-1 fans could bring back Daniel Jackson, then we by far can bring back Carson Beckett! Keep faith, peeps.

  19. Death by exploding tumor? Give me a break.

    This show is just starting to find its balance and now
    THIS? Stop tinkering with the character balance and stick to creating good stories.

  20. No doubt, what a bummer to Friday nite. It’s SG-1 all over again. Well, they won’t find a more attractive replacement than the current MD at SGC, but lets hope his/her acting abilty has at least half the depth of Paul McGillion. We’ll miss you!!

  21. Heart breaking. Bring him back. Bring him back, now! One of the best characters of the show.

  22. Just finished watching sunday on itunes. I am left utterly shocked that they killed him. Though atlantis characters do have a much higher fatality rate then on sg1, or most shows..I enjoyed Beckett’s character and most agree he did provide a large balance to the overall cast. He was a take charge character that was both humorous and ‘bad ass’, highly intelligent, and a strong actor. Even the way he died was at least a testament to how much of a ‘bad ass’ he was, taking risks in his own way. All i’m gonna say is if they kill shepherd or rodney… i’m done with the show. And they better keep zalenka (sp on name) who is an awesome character but definitely on the side as beckett was. These characters are my favorite. If they take them i won’t have much interest in this show at all. Would be nice if they brought beckett back somehow.

  23. look if you love a guy (actor wise)(IM NOT GAY) for like 300 episodes you cant just kill him!!!! i mean shepard had that bug thing on his neck and he lived!!!! Lt. ford? Bottom of the ocean with a wraith atacheted to him? STILL LIVED. i mean com on he was like the best. in order (docters/ people who dont shoot things) 1. Beckett 2. mckay 3. that weird russian guy

  24. I can’t believe that they killed off the best character on the show. I have been an avid fan of SG-1 and have loved SG-A. When they killed off Carson I was so dispirited I considered never watching it again. I can’t believe they don’t intend on bringing him back! They haven’t replaced the Doctor yet and couldn’t if they tried. Who is going to save everyone in the nick of time? They need to get in one of their time-machine puddle jumpers and get him BACK on the show. Maybe just in time to save Dr. Weir at the beginning of next season! And none of the Ascended stuff….

  25. I watched “Sunday” last night, and I am still shocked!!! That had to have been the worst episode ever!!! HOW COULD THEY KILL OFF CARSON???? THAT IS NUTS!! Was the Doc getting too famous? Is that why they killed him off?? I want to know the answer to one question….WHY????

  26. Killing off Carson was the biggest mistake as he is stargate atlantis and along with him went the series and one of the best on this show. Bring him back or this will be one show lover that will exit as the best actor on the show has to my version. Bring him back and along with him the show will continue for more years to come and great story lines i’m sure.

  27. I give the show credit for keeping its viewers on their guard, not many shows take me by surprise like this one. But I agree with you all, Kill of Dr Becket is the definition of dumb. He is the positive to McKay’s negative. I love all the charters on the show but they could have gotten rid of others than the beloved Dr Carson Becket.

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