How Can Fans Help?

Update: February 2008: Our campaign began in October of 2006, after rumors began to surface that Carson Beckett was going to be killed off in Season 3 of Atlantis. Now, in the Winter of 2008, our efforts have helped secure Beckett’s reappearance for 2 epsiodes of Season 4 of Atlantis and 5 episodes in Season 5. Unfortunately, we have not been completely successful, as Dr. Beckett will not be a full-time regular in Season 5, while Dr. Jennifer Keller will. That said, for now our campaign continues on.

Here are some things we can do to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission:

The most important thing is to write and send “real” letters to The Powers That Be at our Addresses page. If you can’t send your own letters, you can use our Letter Writing page and we will send them for you! The letters don’t have to be long or complicated. Just express your feelings about the loss of Carson and how it will affect your support of the Stargate franchise.

Get the word out around the internet about the campaign! Here are some Banners to help you publicize our efforts.

Volunteer your time! The thing we need most are volunteers to print and send the letters that people from all over the world are submitting. To do this, please join our Yahoo! group and we’ll get you started.

Donate! If you don’t have time to help, any funds you might be able to contribute will be used 100% to pay for postage and other campaign-related expenses. Visit the Donate button above to contribute via PayPal or Contact us for other methods.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support; we very much appreciate it, and we believe it will make a difference.

Author: astrumporta

Site owner and fan of Dr. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion.

148 thoughts on “How Can Fans Help?”

  1. BECKETT!!!! NO!!!! I LOVE YOU!! All right, thats creepy. They kill him, I WILL stop watching! Except maybe for Shepperd… He’s ALMOST as cute…..

  2. Carson Becket was my absolute favorite character! I was actually happy that he was finally getting more exposure in the episodes!
    Bring him back full time!

  3. Mornin at all….
    I’m from Germany and here the 3rd season is still on tv. But I had the possibility to watch several episodes of the fourth season of Stargate: Atlantis and with horror I had to recognize that there was a woman doing Carson Becckett’s job. I want to have Carson back into service at the Atlantis base.
    So what the hell did the producers and scriptwriters think when the took him off the screen?? I really cant understand it….
    Lets what happens and dont give up hope…
    Hope is the last thing to die!
    Greetz from good old Germany

  4. Bring Carson back permanently! His character is irreplaceable and unforgettable.

  5. Этот персонаж для меня много значит. Я очень люблю Карсона Беккета и серьезно расстроился узнав о его гибели. Прошу, верните его пожалуйста в наш любимый Атлантис) Мы, фанаты России? тоже этого очень хотим и надеемся на его возвращение. С уважением, Россия.

  6. Carson is an awsome character, very emotional et very funny. Stargate atlantis wouldn’t be the same without Carson, that’s a sure thing !! Carson is the type of character that make stargate unlike any other science fiction teleseries or movies.

  7. Writers of Atlantis,

    What have you done?!?! Dr. Beckett was one of thee most amazing, incredible, and unique characters in the Atlantis series. Paul McGillion has done a TERRIFIC JOB!! I am a big fan of the medical field and I looked up to him, as head of medicine in Atlantis, VERY much! Please bring him back. Anything!!

    Benjamin Ghaner
    Pennsylvania, USA

  8. The whole Stargate Atlantis Cast is amazing. Every actor and actress gives a great performance in each and every episode. But for me Carson brought a down to earth feel that let you know that when things got hard there was always at least ONE Person you could count on to make it all better. And that was Doctor Carson Beckett. I mean.. he talks to Rodney and you’re like “Gosh.. Carson’s the brother Rodney never had..” He bandages Teyla up and you’re like “He’s like her big brother..” He’s so sweet and so funny and kind.. Paul McGillion portrays (Truely) The best character. That’s NOT To take away from the OTHER Actors on the show. They’re AMAZING as I have already said. But Paul I think, Intensifies the bonds between ALL of the characters. His stay on the show has made me laugh, smile and cry more than once. I hate that the last time he made me cry had to be because he was killed. I don’t mean to sound crule about the writing of “Sunday” It really is a Great episode with many funny parts.. But KILLING Carson? I was like “Impossible..” He was one of those characters you just say out loud anytimr there’s a sign of trouble

    “He’ll be okay.. They couldn’t KILL Him.. It’ed never happen..”

    Then it did.. I just keep thinking.. “Who next? Rodney? Teyla?”

    As Paul once said “It IS Sci-Fi so you never know”

    and David Hewlett has also mentioned “NObody really ever dies in Sci-Fi..”

    I hope the Writers find a way to bring him back.. Why can’t it have been a bad dream? A Nanite trick? Why can’t Rodney and his Sister make a Time machine? There are so many ways to bring him back… All it takes is a little imagination and some effort.. I’m not giving up.




  9. It is a sad day to all the fans of SGA , i am more fan of Rodney , but it’s not the same without Carson , i liked his accent . if someone need an idea how to bring it back , well , here is one : Roddney succeed to replicate him with one of the ancient new technology they recently found .

  10. im so pissed….. im a guy and im strait and when he died on the show i was tearing up. he was such a great addition to the set of casts…. no offence tords jewel and all but common beckett was so great for his part.


    I love Dr.Carson BECKETT..

    Please TURN…………….

  12. I think now it is more important then ever to have Carson back. With Sam going to be gone in season five and Dr. Weir gone forever Altantis is sorely lacking in some heart and soul. Sure Teyla is still there but her toughness makes the heart shine through less for her. We need Carson to be the soul of Atlantis.

  13. I”m from Turkey and I’ve watched seoson 3 episido 19 just now.I can’t belive.I want Dr.Beckett in SGA.This series is important for me and Beckett was my best character.I can’t still belive.We have to do something for him.

  14. I’m from Uzbekistan. of course not many people know where it is. But it does not matter at all. The only one thing is very important that Carson Beckett was killed of! Even in our distant land we love SG Atlantis! And my favorite character is Dr. Beckett. I was so sad when saw the “Sunday”… He is so wonderful! Whether it necessary to kill him? He was the most kind and positive character! I miss him! It was so pleasantly to see him every episode.
    Please, BRING HIM BACK!!! I was crying when he dead.It’s a great loss for the SGA !!!
    Hope you will listen to a lot of fans from our distant land!!!
    Thank you.
    Kate, Uzbekistan.

  15. Now that Carson is back as a clone they throw in a condition and he’s now dying AGAIN! That sucks! They need to get the idea he is a character they need to keep on the show.

  16. Hi,
    Carson Becket is so cool
    we want him back !

    I never accepted really his death , and now that he is back for an episode all they have to do is find a way to get him out of stasis !!!
    Yeahh we want Paul s caracter to be back for a FULL 5th SEASON !!!!!!!!!!

    You can get rid of Amandas Carcter ( she doesnt belong into this world of Atlantis anyway !!!!!, she had her 10 years on Sg1) Thata more then enough !!.Make space for someone else -and bring back Paul for good !!!!!!
    the writers did bring back Shanks carcater in sg1 , -so give us our Dr. Carson Becket back !!!!
    I like his way of acting and talking with this scottish accent so much !!!!
    Get rid of Sam and bring back Carson !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah that be cool !
    Berlin, germany

  17. God! Some tears fall off my eyes when I saw that he died! C’mon, I want him to appear in the rest of the seasons of Stargate Atlantis!!!! I really miss him!
    Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  18. OMG they finnaly bring him back…. just so we can all watch him die again!!!!! btw if you see the next episode after hes in stasis they show that sam dies (alt timeline) so 😛

  19. i like very very much Carson Beckett, my favourite character with rodney. Beckett is the heart of atlantis. he’s our scottish who must appear in all episodes of season 5; He’s THE ONLY DOCTOR OF ATLANTIS. I want to see him (he ‘s so cute) and hear his accent, his humour with rodney mc kay.
    Sunday became a sad day.
    bring him back please for the full 5th season and the next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Carson Beckett! Dead! Noooooooooo.

    How will we go on. Seriously, why would you kill off one of the most personable, heart warming, lovable characters since Scotty on star trek? Carson and Rodney were like Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, you can’t have one without the other.
    Well you can but it isn’t nearly as good.
    And neither now will be our Sunday nights.
    Even if he has to be Rodney’s “Jiminy Cricket” forever.

  21. Love Carson Beckett. He is the heart of Atlantis. They need to bring him back for all the episodes

  22. So I just watched the episode on DVD and I really hate it. Why does he have to die?? I mean couldn’t he just go back to earth or something? And I also don’t understand why they take Dr. Keller for that role. I can’t remember seeing her on one of the former episodes, so why don’t they take someone who is in Atlantis since……ever? Carson Beckett is my favorite character in the series! He is always like:” Oh, no! Why me?” I will miss him!

  23. I was shock when he died! i could’ve breath for a moment. all i could say after he died was “No one wanted to go fising with him.” :[

  24. I cried when they killed him off. Mckay’s character just isn’t the same without Carson. The show seems less friendly and so serious without him. He was pure sunshine in any of his scenes. Stargate Atlantis sucks without him and while I like Jewel (as a fan of firefly) she just isn’t and can never be as good as Carson. SAVE DR CARSON BECKETT!!

  25. man that sucks!! im watching the show on DVD and i just got to that episode. carson was so awesome. it seems the stargate writers love to kill off my favorite characters.

  26. Hey folks let carson alive dont kill him again plz , i only just talk a litlle i like carson when he apear in 1ep of 1º season he so funny and a nice actor plz guyz save him

  27. Stargate Atlantis Writers:

    I am so pissed that I paid for this dvd set and you kill off my favorite character. Carson Beckett gave a significant balance to this series. He was the voice of morality and reason when the rest of the team needed it. He also played the part to perfection. You believe that he is a caring doctor when you see him. In retrospect the new doctor you bring in just seems like an actress the entire time. I like my shows to be immersive and emotionally binding. Unfortunatley by taking away Carson you took away my desire to watch your show. Shame on you!

  28. Unbelieveable…. You people have no understanding on how to keep a good thing going! GIVE OUR F!#$%ING DOCTOR BACK!

  29. The character of Carson Beckett is absolutely necessary on SG-A. As an affinity Scot (my, when will we again hear our beautiful accent on an “international” cast?), and as a worker in the medical field, I found Carson to embody the best in both. He was never anything other than a Scot, and was the most ethical and compassionate physician to boot. SG-A without Dr. Beckett is worthless and I, for one, will no longer watch the show or buy any DVD’s. Carson, gie it laldy!

  30. I agree with all my fellow writes above. I just recently saw the episode where Dr. Carson Beckett dies. I cried my eyes out. I truely loved and enjoyed his character. Plus Paul McGillion is a wonderful actor. Plus he is handsome and sexy and the accent well it makes me go weak in the knees. But I agree please bring Dr. Carson Beckett back. I agree he is the most ethical and compassionate physician. Please bring him back to Star gate Atlantis.

  31. Carson Beckett is no doubt one of the most essential characters in the show! He was a very caring person… and everyone was friends with him! He had loads of fans and now they’re all going to disappear along with him. It’s really sad! But I have to say he did die doing what he does best… but he really shouldn’t have died at all! It’s absolutely horrible! Paul McGillion is a very talented actor, and will obviously happily rejoin the cast…so come on! >< Hmph! He was like the best doctor in Stargate history! And the sexiest one too… I’ll miss you Beckett! Mwahhhh. xx. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!

  32. New doctress is nothing compare with Beckett.
    to the WRITERS: ATLANTIS WORTH NOTHING WITHOUT ex-doctor & ex-commnder Weir…
    IF you will not get them back to it it will be senceless to watch it…. That is the opinion of most Russians!!! Hey… we are here.. on the other side of the planet… WE WANT ALL BACK!!!
    McKay & Sheppard now are the only characters who keeps watchers interest to Atlantis!!!
    W A K E U P M O V E M A K E R S ! ! ! W E W A N T P A U L & T O R R I B A C K ! ! !

  33. i only just started watching stargate atlantis, but what the hell ? why would they kill off the best character ? when i watched the episode last night (on dvd) i started to cry, and i have not stopped crying since then…i dont remember ever being this sad…
    beckett is by far the best character on the show and i think its awful how he had to leave…and how no body would go fishing with him!! that bit makes me the saddest…so im just writing to say…if there is a way to bring back beckett..they bloody well should!!!!

  34. like Katie, i just started watching it and i literally turned off the show when Carson died, fully intending NOT to turn it back on again. my friend had to tell me the exact episode where he comes back and i intend to read some summaries and skip ahead to Carson. Yes, writers we KNOW that the characters can die, they’re HUMAN, now did you have to go and bloody PROVE it?

  35. I saw “Sunday” last night and have to say I was surprised and a bit choked up when it happened. I have to agree with Katie, I thought it was all made worse by the fact that no-one would go fishing with him, although most can not be blamed( already had plans) I have lost a lot of love for McKay who ditched his “so-called” best bud to sit around making small talk with the bird he fancies. BAD FORM McKay BAD FORM!! The bit at the end, where Carson tells him not to blame himself, that shows the measure of the man. I’d have told McKay to definatley blame himself and consider jumping from the central tower as penance!

  36. Hey it’s sad that they take Carson out of the Show. But I’m also dissapointed, that they take out Ford.

  37. i just bought a dvd and just finished the “sunday” episode. it is sad that beckett dies. please bring him back.

  38. I just think Carson is a very strong and needed personage for Stargate Atlantis,and i thing is not very well to get out him of Atlantis,pls

  39. i just finished the atlantis serise & i cant stop crying…it makes me sooo sad that carson had to die! y did u have 2 go & kill him like that! and the fact that no body wanted 2 go fishing with him just made it all the worse!!! it goes to show that ppl say “i’ll go nxt week” but how do u no that there will be a nxt week?!?! carson has been my favorite person on stargate atlantis since the first time he wuz on the show! i wasnt going to watch any more episodes but then i found out that he wuz going 2 cum back if even just for a little bit…that gave me hope!!!!! carson lives & he will live in every 1 that believes that i wuz wrong 4 the producers 2 kill him! but since they have him back on the show means they do have a heart & that they have heard our protests about this injustice!!!

  40. I just saw carson die with my brother and when the fire consumed him i was saying it had to be a dream from Rodny about wanting to not go fishing but then it ended i know he comes back but it will not be the same we need him. I loved his acsent the moment I herd it. ( you have to have a cool acsent person on the show)

  41. Our whole family was disgusted that they ditched Carson!! The worst part was the producer who kept saying that this was their “best episode yet!” in SPITE of the knowledge of all the fans who were so upset!! How lame!! And then for Paul to say “I cried when I read the script.” That guy is a heartless jerk for taking him out! Keller doesn’t add to the show nearly what Beckett did, especially with that great accent! We thought it was totally real and can’t believe they would take such a great character out!

  42. i really think they shouldent have done that even if i saw the one were hes not dead but still he didnt want to!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 :'( x(

  43. do they really think that’ll get higher raiteings?????
    well thats dum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please bring him back……………………….. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dont let him ever leave!!!!

  44. does anyone agree??? he should come back and never leave even when he wants to! lol

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